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Koodo enters 21st Century with Real Family Plan

MOM is saddened, I have had phone plans with all the carriers and Koodo, by far, has been the most customer satisfying and affordable.  The problem is that they need to come into the 21st Century with a real family plan.  Although my husband still likes to make real phone calls, my children and I only use text.  We wouldn't use 10 minutes a month out of the 300 allowed. We have four children and the oldest is now wanting for a cell phone.  Problem is that my husband will only allow the children to have cell phones with a carrier that allows sharing of texting and data.  Unfortunately, Koodo doesn't have this, they only allow unlimited minutes between same accounts.  If Koodo could allow us to add a phone to our monthly plan that offers text and data for about $20/month,  then they could convince their father.  I don't want to have to leave Koodo now, considering that I feel like they are part of our FAMILY for the past few years.

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I really do think family plans are beneficial and would attract a lot of families to a certain carrier. Would like to see this change also.