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koodo assist not working and i cannot get hold of koodo

  • 3 December 2020
  • 5 replies

Koodo assist not working 

5 replies

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Everything should be up and running. Let us know if you're still having any issues. 
You can also ask your question here!

I am also having a hard time getting Koodo Assist to work.   
I click the “chat now” button, but nothing happens.  
I have tried on several different browsers on my computer, and I’ve also tried on my mobile.   Same issue each time.  

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I checked with a few colleagues, and can confirm there’s no widespread outage at this time, @swheatl2 - see below. Do all other websites work for you? Have you tried using your cellular network on the phone, or only Wi-Fi? Hopefully we can help troubleshoot, but in the meantime, what was your question for Koodo Assist? Maybe we can help you here.  



All other websites seem to work fine.  I’ve tried on celular network and on wifi, and on firefox and chrome on my work computer, as well as firefox and chrome at my home computer.  Same issue every time. I click the Chat Now button and nothing happens.    


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I’ll share your feedback with the team to look into, @swheatl2 .

In the meantime, you can start a new thread to inquire about your issue, or feel free to shoot us a private message on Facebook if you prefer.