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Keep your plan and pay more!

  • 23 June 2015
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Hi. What is my obligation to Koodo when it comes to cancelling my service? I'm a Monthly Customer. My billing cycle ends on 25th of each month (tab paid out and have $44 in credit) but I have to wait till I'm back in town July 10 before I can port my number to a new provider. Is koodo going to bill me till July 24th or till day I cancel and credit me back? Thanks! FYI to Koodo staff: 1. Your contact form is not working. I sent 2 emails in past several days about getting new Samsung S5 (while logged in) and both went unanswered, so I went directly to one of your stores.. 2. Your store at Dufferin Mall (Toronto) told me in-person yesterday if i get Samsung S5 while keeping my plan (unlimited calls and text and 1gb data) the cost will increase from $50 to $65 a month, on top of having to pay for the phone $275 on Tab, or I can pick the $65 a month plan and get 750MB instead of 1GB plan! I asked the rep if he was sure about this, and he said 100%!

6 replies

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HEY K! When porting out your number to another provider, the account goes into suspension, the account will cancel automatically on the next billing date, so if your porting out on July 10th and the billing cycle is the 25th the account will cancel on the 25th of July and your last bill will be the bill for July. That $44 in positive tab points will be forfeited as it only goes towards the purchase of a new phone with koodo. 1. About the emails im not too sure how that works since I don't work in that area. 2. yes this is correct, the tab system just changed over in april
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You have to keep your account active in order to port your number to a new provider. The porting process will automatically cancel your Koodo account. When canceling, there is no obligation except for any final overages/roaming for the last bill plus any remaining tab. If you havre a positive tab, the positive portion is not paid out as it can only be used toward a phone. 2) Koodo has changd the way the tab works now. The tab is now an amount owing for the subsidty for the phone. So if you get a $360 subsidy over 24 months, you are paying that off for $15 a month. In return the plans are now cheaper (compared to a year ago). All Koodo did is that it is no longer building the subsidy into the plan. THe subsidy payback and the plan are separate. Review you plan, the new plan may be cheaper than your existing plan. If it is not cheaper ( you lucky duck), then you are on an amazing grandfathered plan. Which means you can stay on this plan as long as you want until you change it. Then it is lost forever. So make sure you do your math and you are sure you are getting the best situation for yourself
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Hey K, You are not in any kind of contract with Koodo, so you can cancel it at any time. But as you mention you will be away untill July 10, so if you cancel your account then you will still have to pay your months cycle that is untill july 24. And because you have a credit of $44, you will not be charged any cancellation for a tab. 1. Im not sure about the emails. 2. Yes, that is absolutely correct. Koodo changed the way the tab works now. If you want to go for samsung s5, the price of the phone is $635. So you have couple of different options to go with this. First being, you can put $360 on the tab and pay $275 plus tax in store. You will have to pay $15 on top of your plan (you can keep your existing plan of change it) for the next 24 months. (360/24=15). If you don't want to pay $15 extra monthly, then the second option you have is pay more for the phone upfront in store and pay less monthly for the phone. Hope this helps.
@ HippieLongstocking, thank you, very helpful. @ Dennis, thank you, very helpful as well. I got my account in December of 2008 or January 2009 (was a.gift, so it was under someone else name and I switched it over to my name in 2012 i think). Anyway, it always been the case from day one, there's a TAB and every month an amount is deducted from the tab total. I'm aware the tab length changed to 2 years because the gov. forced ALL OF THEM to changed it, and not because they care about customers. The new tab still functions the same way, only difference is if you go with TAB PLUS you have to select the more expensive plans $65, $75, or $90. I did the math; The regular plan that costs $53 is what I have now and it cost me $50 for 1gb data, but it makes no sense whatsoever, for Koodo to ask me to keep my plan and pay $65 for it instead of $50 if i want to get samsung S5 on Tab (pay cash $275 minus tab credit) and put rest $360 (i think) on tab to be paid in 2 years. It just makes no sense to pay more for same features and data. $275 cash + $360 on a tab, and $75 for a 2gb plan, is not a deal, anyway you look at it. Especially that right now Samsung S5 (16GB) is FREE $0 with a 2-year $80 plan (2gb data plus discounted U.S. roaming which I normally pay $30 for 3 days with Koodo) is a far better deal with the other provider, and the new provider has same 4G & extended coverage like Koodo, if not bigger, as confirmed on http://www.comparecellular.ca. Koodo is suppose to be the no-frills providers, but in reality the bigger provider beats their offer by a mile. Whats even more ridiculous even TELUS is cheaper than koood! same phone samsung S5 is FREE $0 on a 2-year term with TELUS with a $95 month plan of 2GB data! Anyway, Koodo was a nice run while it lasted, time to move on.
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@ HippieLongstocking, thank you, very helpful. @ Dennis, thank you, very helpful as well. I...how is $80 a month better than $75? I thought saving money was the name of the game no?? but either way you can keep your plan and pay $15 a month for the phone because the plans no longer include a KOODO contribution. But lets use your example for argument sakes. Telus: $95/month(2GB) for 24months = $2280 x 13% tax = 2576.70 Koodo: $63/month (2GB) + $15 for Phone = $78/month(2GB) for 24 months = $1872 + 275 upfront for phone = $2147 + 13% tax = $2426.11 So now why exactly is it a better deal to go else where? Koodo is a little bit more complicated but still more cost effective.
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@ HippieLongstocking, thank you, very helpful. @ Dennis, thank you, very helpful as well. I...If you look past the 2 years with the new tab after 2 years your bill get cheaper since you no longer pay the financing of $15. With all the other guys you continue pay the same for your plan. So the telus plan will still be $80.