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I would appreciate if Koodo would send us emails when new promotions/plans are on the board and available.

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Like Koodo's Facebook page to see all updates and promotions.
Koodo's facebook page will help you if you want to be informed on new promotions/plans or even new phones coming out. The Koodo site also provides news for new plans and other great things every few weeks or so. Hope this helped! 🙂
You're the second person who has replied this way, thanks for taking the time. However, maybe I'm just not that computer savvy because I have yet to ever find out about any new plans via the koodo site. 😞
I've found information to be revealed the next day or so, on the Mobile Syrup website. As well as following Koodo's facebook, I feel up-to-date.
I agree. Koodo's website is kept pretty up to date.
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Koodo's website is always up-dated the day of when a new promotion/phone is released as well as the Koodo FACEBOOK page found here: https://www.facebook.com/Koodo?fref=ts
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I agree with you though! 🙂 I follow on Facebook, but I know there are some who don't use Facebook often or at all that would find emails helpful. I'm surprised that's not currently an option.