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Keep number when i am overseas

I wanna leave the country for 1 year i have $30 plan and i want keep my number .what can i do?

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Koodo does offer a suspend account option but it's 15$ per month. Another way would be to port your number to prepaid where it would only cost 15$ every 90 days. Then when you get back, Port your number back to a postpaid account If you have access to a voip service you could also port your number over to here.
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Chad has the right idea. Flipping to prepaid keeps everything in the cell family if that's what you want to do. Porting your number over to a VoIP provider may give you even better options. CallCentric or similar will cost about $3 a month with pay-per-use traffic at pennies a call, and your current calls can be forwarded to your new number easily, depending on where you are going to be located. Free Voicemail option available on VoIP as well. I give out only my CallCentric number, then forward to Cdn cell, US cel or landline (controlled over the internet) as I please. Worth investigating.