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just upgrade my phone, question about plan change

I just ordered a phone upgrade online in self serve, and I'd like to do plan change for the promotion. But in the plan change page, I didn't see the promotional 1000 minute international LD item.
How should I do it? 
I've been to the counter, they said I should call *611. I called, but their callback always go to voicemail without a ring. 

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Are you sure you called during opening hours? We, on the community, canot do anything related to a plan change unfortunately..
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I believe it's because you are still on the old Tab system.(You mentioned you were/are receiving 15% contribution on the other post).
In that case, you can't switch to a new plan through self serve.
So, you have to call *611 and tell them your situation. They will help you.

You said their call back go to VM without ring. 
Is your "Do not disturb" enable on you phone? Can you receive other calls(Are they ring)?
Does this happen only calls from Koodo?