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Just received new SIM and want to change plan to Black Friday Deal before installing SIM

  • 20 November 2023
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We just added 2 more lines with Koodo and just received our SIM in the mail. There is a Black Friday deal that we would like to switch to before installing these SIMs. I’ve tried switching in the Self Serve but the offer is not listed as a possible plan I can switch to. I tried using the Automated Assist chat, however, I cannot schedule a call back with my current number that is with TELUS. Also, the text message sent by the automated chat says it cannot receive replies from my number. There is a 30 days return guarantee and I would like to be able to switch these 2 new accounts to the Black Friday deal, can an agent call me back to assist?

1 reply

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Hi there @JTruong 

We have sent you a private message for more info!