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Junior Plan - New clients only - age 9-13

Promote a Junior or "Tween" plan for ages 9-13. Offer it to new clients only.
It's a great way to get new clients and to promote "know where your kids are and keep them safe"   "KOODO CARES" Offer $20.00 text and talk plans as an introducy plan for "Tweens".

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Great idea but link it to parents existing plan for $14.95/month.
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Hi Karen, Seeing as most customers have to be age of majority in order to sign up for a postpaid account, unless you're the account holder and are adding an additional line to your account. The next best bet would be to use Koodo prepaid, no credit check required and their base plan starts $15/month for unlimited messaging, then you can add on additional features called Boosters for talk minutes and data. See the link below for more information about Koodo prepaid: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansand... Hope that helps 🙂
I suggested an idea for high school and university students, I think it would be pretty cool as you see those plans in Europe and USA