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It would be great if kodoo could start offering some Europe Roaming packages.. how can you not .. it is 2015

I figure since so many other carriers even basic second tier ones offer some european roaming packages, why is koodo not offering any? it would be great if they did.. currently you guys only have some calling features, but your parent company telus has some great eu packages.. maybe you can start there?

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Because they are too expensive and personally I prefer unlocking the phone and go prepaid in EU
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Hi John, Most people do unlock their phones and get a EU SIM card when they get there, the local plans are typically a lot cheaper than a roaming package and I think Koodo acknowledges that. The US is so close to Canada and so many people travel there regularly so it makes sense to offer roaming packages for the states. If you are going to europe for a few weeks, get your phone unlocked by Koodo for 35$ and get yourself a european SIM card!