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It's time Canada- Bigger and Better for Less

It's no secret that Canada's phone companies are behind the times when compared to the rest of the world. Many other countries' carriers offer better and bigger plans for less money. For Canada, if a carrier suddenly started offering rates that were competitive in an international market, it would revolutionize the Canadian cell-phone industry in many ways. The company to do this would firstly benefit from being [i]that company-rewarded with instant recognition and marketing through word of mouth. People would recognize that they would only loose to not gain from this advancement, therefore many consumers would instantly switch or join this carrier. Even if other carriers tried to pursue the same competitive rates, because the most consumers already chose the first company that revolutionized Canadian cell-phone plans by offering internationally competitive rates, consumers would have little incentive to change back to any other carrier, and the initial impact would ensure a large and loyal customer base.

So what would people like to see? Make the plans personal; keep and enforce add-ons! Think of it as building blocks, the base block must have the biggest base and therefore count as a "buy-in" to the company-having the biggest cost, and then offer all the add-ons under the sun! The consumer will choose their base plan say 100 minutes calling time for $10/month , then they will choose any add-on they so desire; unlimited messaging $2/month, 200MB data $2/month (prices are hypothetical). Therefore Have the choice of any initial "plan" at X$/month, and then any additional add-on at a reasonable cost following that. By allowing the plans to be so flexible people will feel in control, and will give the company that much more loyalty.

People love to feel in control, and people love a good deal. If Koodo chooses to revolutionize the Canadian cell phone industry, it will be the star player of Canada's carriers. It will be the company every consumer knows, loves, and talks about.

Canada is ready, is Koodo?

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