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Issue self-serve access to Manage plans and add ons section - Not available!

  • 27 September 2021
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I”m having issue with the self serve: I can log in and access the menu, but then when I click on “Manage plan and add ons” the page tells there is an issue with the page, to either refresh or try later…

I”ve tried since yesterday and still nothing, other people have the same issue?



8 replies

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Yes, I have the same problem on the weekend.  It happened quite frequently and refresh did not appear to help but logging out and back in seem to got it working, for a while …

Switching to Chrome seems to work better, but it could be just random luck.

I  try again just now (1:30am PST) and haven’t run into the issue on Firefox or Chrome.  Phone rep suggested I empty browser cache, but for this issue I am 99.9% sure it will not help so I ignored that particular advice.

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@mowan @Alilice Are you able to access the page now? 


It seems to be working as I could replicate the issue. Could have been gremlins messing around as I’m not aware of widespread outage of this page. 

Hi ! Thank you! I was able to log in and access the page a few minutes ago. There are indeed some issues with the page. I was able to make the changes before it becomes unavailable again!


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Bernard,  Thanks for reaching out.  I was getting a lot of errors when trying to access that page on Saturday and early part of Sunday, but haven’t run into the problem today.

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Just got the dread “An error has occurred” page when click on Self Serve/Manage plan and add-ons …

this time on a different computer but it is intermittent



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@mowan Very strange! I have 3 different accounts and encountering no errors.  Given that we have millions of customers I would expect if this was a widespread issues we would be flooded with inquiries like the above. We haven’t been, but I will ask the team to monitor and see if there something about a handful accounts that produces the intermittent error. 

I too have been having this exact problem. I am trying to get to the Call Control Management screen, but at least 75% of the time, I receive the dreaded “An Error Occurred” message instead. It will either fail on the “Manage plan and addons” link or, if I make it that far, on the “Call Control” link.

Erasing cookies helps for the next time, but the times after that, it fails and I receive the error again. It’s doing this on multiple windows 10 computers using the new MS Edge browser and Safari on my iPhone (all up to date). It can be hours of trying before I am able to bring up the Call Control page.

If it helps, I immediately know if it’s going to work or not. If it will work, the screen flashes black periodically while loading the next page. No flashes = no luck.

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“An Error has occurred. Please refresh the page or try again later.” apparently is a response that Koodo customer portal team does not hesitate to use liberally when something they don’t know how to handle happened, which seems to happen quite a lot.

That and the screen flashes .. I haven’t seen it that bad on a business website since XMLHttpRequest was a thing, like 15 years ago.