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Is there some way to suspend service on one # on my account?

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Hey Erin,
You can get your account suspended through Customer Service but you will still pay for your monthly bill. May we know why you want to suspend your account?
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I thought putting a phone on seasonal hold only charged you $15/mo, not your rate plan.
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Suspending the service and a seasonal hold are two completely different things

Suspending (Delcaring your phone lost/stolen): Stops your phone from working on any network in north america, you are still responsible for paying the bill. This option is best when you lost your phone and will be getting a new one soon and don't want to loose out on grandfathered plan, etc. and to stop the thief from using the phone and getting you a mega huge bill.

Seasonal Hold: Is a rate plan at 15$ per month, that allows you to keep your number in service while you are out of the country for extended periods of time. This option is best when you are leaving the country for a few months at a time and want to keep your same number upon your return. You will loose your current plan and will need to choose a new plan upon your return.
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good point Mathieu, I see what you're saying.  Thanks for clarifying that.
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Jru Gordon wrote:

good point Mathieu, I see what you're saying.  Thanks for clarifying that.

no problem!
Thanks for the help.
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Heads up Erin! Once you have changed your current plan to the Seasonal Hold, when you'll be ready to reactivate your services, you'll have to change your rate plan and choose from one of our current rate plans http://koo.do/1DOo8cA. Have a good one!