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Is there a cheap package overnight for the US from Canada for free incoming and outgoing calls for emergencies?

What is a simple roaming plan for an overnight visit to the states for free phone calls in the US and to Canada for the few hours I am there picking up a couple of rescue dogs?

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It's probably best to just use the pay-per-use rate of $1.60/min and $5/100 texts if it's actually for emergencies.

If you actually want to use your phone to call people, so not just emergencies and depending on your usage, then you should buy a 3 day roaming package which is the smallest package you could buy. There is no 1 day package. Right now the Koodo website is down but will be up in the morning and you can view the US roaming packages under "Add-ons"
Thanks Ahmad...good of you to help me.  Much appreciated.