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Is the new $45 promo plan available to current customers or only to new customers?

I am a current Koodo customer and noticed they're advertising a $45 plan with unlimited minutes and 1GB of data. Is this only available to new customers?

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Hi Courtney, If you want that new 45$ /month plan you can have it! All you need to do is pay off your existing tab balance (if any) and either contact Koodo via *611 on your mobile device or visiting them in person at one of their retail locations, ask them for the new plan and they will happily switch you over to the plan for you! Hope this helps
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They're available for new activations. If you want to get this plan without a phone upgrade (you're keeping your existing plan) you can get it by paying off your tab balance. If you don't have a tab amount owing, you can use this amount towards your next phone purchase. Keep in mind that when you switch over, any discounts or contributions stop because you're changing your tab type to access these new plans
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I just called to change to this new $45 Promo plan. I currently have a positive Tab Balance. The Rep told me I have to go to the no tab account (Sim Only) to get that plan, loss any existing positive tab balance and no longer get the 15% towards my tab. This is NOT what the website shows at all!
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Having looked into the new fine print, I see all the new plans are SIM Only with no actual Tab credit. Just a loan system to buy a phone. I really wish that the REP on the phone could articulate this is proper English. It would not have been so frustrating. The main issue became the loss of the existing positive balance. Do I loss it?
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Jack Yonge wrote:

Having looked into the new fine print, I see all the new plans are SIM Only with no actual Tab cr...

I'm afraid so, Jack... I'm hoping you can still go back to your old plan including Tab credit temporarily so you can still use it up but you'd have to ask Koodo if they are willing to do so. I agree that the site is not very clear about this!