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Is the free additional 1gb of data added automatically on activation?

I just upgraded my galaxy ace II x to an lg g3. When I look at my data plan, it says I have 1 gb, I thought there was an additional 1gb bonus. Is there a delay before this special offer is added? Thank you!

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You upgraded today, right? There shouldn't be a delay. Under plan details, it should list it as 2GB beside a bullet point or two 1GB's
BestBuy lied and it's only in a koodo store? :S

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Hello Cedrick. It's impossible. Give Koodo a call so they can see what's wrong. You deserve your +1GB
Ok thank you!
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No problem! Have a wonderful day
Just called them. There is a 3 weeks delay. So if anyone else is having this problem all you can do is wait!