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Is the 10% off For Bringing My Own Device Automatic?

I recently joined Koodo brining my own device on June 30 and am on the $44 plan. I received my first bill today and was charged the full $44 for the plan. Do I have to wait a certain period before the 10% off for bringing my own device kicks in?

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No it's not automatic. You need to ask for it. Just give Koodo a call and they can add it on *611 on your Koodo cell
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Let me guess,,,,,did you buy your phone at a retailer? Like Future Shop/Best Buy or anything like that?
Thanks for the responses. I've sent Koodo an email to look into it and will await their response. I had a question for them in regards to the weird billing dates so I asked about the 10% off as well. My billing dates show June 30 to July 9, and then for July 30 to Aug 29. So I asked them what happend to July 10 to July 30. I brought over my iPhone from Telus and this was all completed at Walmart.
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Yup, the rep didn't apply the 10% discount at their end.