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Is it true that employees of Loblaws can get 25% off? If so, how can they take advantage of this?

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ****Conditions Employees must activate at TMS locations only. Employees that request EAP must activate on an Individual Account with one subscriber. So you can contact your team manager, supervisor who is going to contact their support help desk at koodo to have it done for you! YOU MUST HAVE ACTIVATED AT THAT PLACE TO GET THE DISCOUNT!
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Xavier wrote:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ****Conditions Employees must activate at TMS locations on...

And if his particular Loblaws/Zehrs/Maxi/Superstore doesn't have a Mobile Shop? He's screwed out of the discount? Didn't think so. He can get the discount anywhere he goes, as long as he works for one of the banners.
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Loblaws employees would need to speak with their manager about signing up for the 25% EPP discount.
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To the OP: 1. You must be the account holder or an authorized user. You CAN have more than one subscriber, but only the primary line will be eligible for the discount. 2. Loblaws staff can't help you with the discount; you must fill out the EPP form that any TMS location can provide. Also make sure you bring a copy of your pay stub for proof of employment. TMS manager will sign off on it and send it to the EPP department where you will receive confirmation (if you're eligible) of the discount being applied within a few business days.