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Is it possible to purchase a plan without the additional monthly tab charges?

I was going though the koodo website and its plans and I thought they offered good prices and seemed affordable. And I also found a perfect plan for myself and it was in my budget! Hooray! I was really interested in purchasing the $45 plan with the new HTC One M9.  But I noticed that there is a $15 monthly tab add on.  But adding this would make my monthly bill $60, which defeats the whole idea of my budget. Is there any way to avoid the monthly tab charge because I would really love to get that plan without the other charges.

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If you buy the phone outright or bring your own phone, then you don't need to pay for the additional $15 a month.
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You can, to do that you'd have to pay full price of the phone ($760). The tab charge makes it affordable for you to get that phone. Let's say you put $500 down and the difference you put on tab, the monthly tab charge is $11. The more you put up front the less your tab charge will be