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iphone 4 - no data plan

  • 4 November 2012
  • 2 replies

Hey i would like to know if we can buy an iphone 4 8gb with a 3 year plan (standard only), no data plan? how much will it cost?

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2 replies

To have a Three Year Term with an iphone, you must choose between the 'Iphone 65' plan with 500 MB of data, or 'Iphone 80' plan with 1 GB of data. If you would like to have no data, try purchasing the Iphone on a tab for $225. 🙂
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If you get any iPhone under a 3 year contract with Koodo, you will only be able to choose between the 2 iPhone Contract plans which cost $65/month or $80/month, and they both have data. If you want the iPhone 4 8GB on a non-data plan, then you will have to get it on the tab. The iPhone 4 8GB is $375 outright with Koodo. On the tab, you will only have to pay $225. You also receive a free $100.gift when you buy it at Koodo stores, so that's basically paying $125 for the iPhone 4 8GB in the long run.