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Introduce a student plan for university students

Since koodo markets themselves as an affordable cellular company I feel that they should offer university students a special plan. Just like how other companies offer corporate plans, why should students deserve any less. They are already spending thousands of dollars per year and many are in debt. 
Also because no other company offers any special plan catering towards students I feel that a lot of people will switch over just to be on this plan. It is more than obvious that the United states offer plans that give way more for a much lower price than cellular companies in Canada. To get a half-decent plan in Canada you have to expect to pay at least $50 per month to receive a bare minimum amount of data in todays society. And for young adults who like to stay connected they want at least 1gb. However because many of us don't have much money, even 1 gb is hard to afford.
I would suggest offering a plan with lower monthly charges and more data at a more affordable rate.

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