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International roaming: no add-ons

Going on a cruise - starting in the US and going to several places in the Caribbean. I only want to text - and I don't think I'll be doing much of it, so I don't want to get add-ons.
  1. If I text at all in the US, will it charge me 5$ automatically, then the next 99 messages free? (is there any way to do a pay-per-use for fewer messages, for example?)
  2. Can I text from the water?
  3. If I text from somewhere outside of the US, will it still be $0.6 per outgoing and free incoming messages?
  4. US and International, incoming messages are always free, right?

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1. Pay per use rates are $5/100texts or $5 for the first, the next 99 are free.
2. Texting from the water will result in Satellite Rates, $0.60/text
3. $0.60/text everywhere where roaming rates apply
4. Incoming messages will always be free