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International Long Distance Saver to the Usa ?

i'm a cellphone newbie so sorry if this is a little basic the international long distance saver ... does the rate work when people call me from the usa or only when i call from canada to the usa ? does the 5-cents a minute work in both directions ? i have a friend with a really good plan down in the usa and she calls me every couple of months and we talk for a couple of hours so i need to get this figured out ?

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You pay the $0.05/minute ld toll for calling the US. When people call you, you pay $0.00/minute for ld. In both cases you still use your plan minutes normally.
great answer and makes sense but i am a newbie here so wasn't sure thanks!
is there a way to mark the topic closed ?
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Not for regular users, but after a while one of the admins will mark it as answered.
Just be careful if you go over your anytime minutes you will be charged 50 cents/minute plus the 5 cents/minutes.