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International calling to Pakistan

I have been Koodo customer for more than 7-8 years and I would to appeal Koodo Mobile to reduce the calling rates
for making calls to Pakistan. Government of Pakistan has reduced their rates to 2.9c for international calls and Koodo is still charging 50c per minute. This rate is reduced to 10c if I buy the international saver pack for $3 which is still quite a lot. Until the end of last year, I use to have international calling saver pack which would cost $2 per month and that would reduce the rate to 5c. I am definitely leaning more towards using a calling card from 3rd party to make calls for as low as 3c or 4c. Koodo needs to stay competitive rather than charging quite a lot for calling internationally. This is not fair. Majority of the community in Canada has immigrated here and I feel that Koodo is banking money by taking advantage of everyone. Atleast, I would recommend, Koodo to offer the older $2 international calling saver pack and reduce the rate to 5c. [b]

[b]Currently, I am buying $2.5 calling cards to make international calls to Pakistan where i am charge 4c and i get 600 minutes. Compare that to current Koodo (best offer) which will require me to pay $3 per month plus 600 minutes will be 600 x 5c = $30.
[b]THIS MEAN I AM PAYING $30 - $ 2.5= $27.5 MORE

To put everything I mentioned above in perspective:
Current charges WITHOUT International Saver Plan = 50cents per minute
Current charges WITH International Saver Plan = $3 per month and 10cents per minute

I don't think that my voice will be enough to make Koodo think about being competitive. Rather i will be one of the voices out there standing for what is RIGHT.

I would like to ask the rest of the community to chim in about their international calling charges that have been hiked as much as they are for Pakistan. Hopefully, this will bring Koodo attention to this matter and we may be able to get ACTUAL reduced rate.

Thank you

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You can always suggest it as an idea? Have you thought about that?