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International calling

My girlfriend has a Philippine phone number but works in China. Which international phone plan would I purchase to call her. Would I be calling China or the Philippines?

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Hi Phil. in this case, if she's using a Philippines number in China, you'd need a calling plan for the Philippines. She'll receive the call wherever she is, and she's responsible for any roaming charges she may incur.
The great news is, there's a very inexpensive way to call her. I've documented this in other threads, but I'll summarize it quickly here:
  1. Do a websearch on "free UK numbers"
  2. Create an account on a website, grab a UK number. Set it up to forward to your girlfriend's number from the Philippines. If she has a number from China, works just as well.
  3. Save the new UK number in your contacts under your girlfriend
  4. Add UK 1,000 minutes for $20 per month to your Koodo line.
  5. Call the UK number, talk to your girlfriend.