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Internaional Data Roaming is not listed in the add ons

  • 16 November 2012
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Travelling internationally for the next few weeks. Trying to add the International Data Roaming, but it is not shown in the Add Ons as described in the on line help. I have added the LD International ($2/mth) and the International Voice Roaming ($0/mth), but where is the International Data Roaming ($0/mth) to add?

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3 replies

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Hi aardvark Kood offers: 1. Intl & LD saver addons (2$/mth) for intl /ld calls used only in canada to call overseas and save on ld calls in canada 2. 30 day US unlimited text 3. 30 day US roaming talk 4. 30 day US roaming combo 5. Data: 40¢/MB 6. 3 day US Roam Unlimited Text 7. 3 day US Roam Data Koodo does not offer any overseas addons or plan you can use elswhere except in USA
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Koodo customer service can enable international roaming, but count on paying at least $2/minute, 60 cents per text (both ways) and potentially $20/mb for data. The reason you have to call in is so they can warn you how much it is going to cost. For international usage it's usually cheapest to unlock the phone ( if you qualify ) for $50 and get a local sim card.
You also cannot be on the Spending Cap program as well as have had good payment history for the last 6 months.