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Increase the Sim Only Discount to 15%

  • 23 August 2013
  • 8 replies

Recently the monthly tab credited got increased to 15% so why not the Sim Only Discount as well. Just because Koodo doesn't carry have the phone we want shouldn't penalize people for getting it elsewhere staying loyal Koodo customers.

8 replies

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Probably because no other carrier is raising their BYOD to 15%. I think 10% is a fine number but that's just me.
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Telus, Bell & Rogers offer $20 off per month as their BYOD discount. That's substantially more then what Koodo offers....
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Hey mattjs, That's because their rate plans are considerably more expensive. Even with the $20 BYOD discount on a 1GB plan, Koodo is STILL cheaper on their $60 1GB plan, PLUS the 10% you'd get for bringing your own phone so basically the same plan is $65 at telus (BYOD) as opposed to $54 at Koodo (BYOD). So regardless of the $20 BYOD, Koodo is STILL better 🙂 The reason they offer $20 is because they are priced so high that their old 10% BYOD would get them NO month-to-month customers; not because they feel nice.
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Hey mattjs, That's because their rate plans are considerably more expensive. Even with the $20...Please, they offer about the same value as Koodo does, and you get access to additional features that Koodo doesn't even provide, like mobile TV, visual voicemail, international roaming packages, etc. The days of Koodo actually offering plans much better then the other guys seem to be long gone unfortunately. Koodo Unlimited Nationwide Calling Unlimited Text Messaging 1GB Data $60/month - 10% BYOD discount = $54 Bell Unlimited Nationwide Calling Unlimited Text Messaging 2GB Data *Bonus* Mobile TV Addon $85/month - $20 BYOD Discount = $65 The Telus plan you mention is similar to the Bell plan, it also includes 2GB of data, compared to Koodo's 1GB. With the Koodo overage rate of $10/GB, Koodo comes in at a whole $1 cheaper then Bell and Telus, yet offers access to substantially fewer services.
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Hey mattjs, That's because their rate plans are considerably more expensive. Even with the $20...As we both know, that Bell plan is a promotional plan for the "back to school" thats going to end at the end of September. Furthermore, Koodo hasn't even released any promotional plan yet and I'm going to bet once they do, the comparison will be just as good, for Koodo, as it was in my first comparison. Regardless of which way you want to put it, Koodo is still cheaper. Also, Mobile TV add-on is for 2 year terms only. So if you want to put that into your equation, take off your $20 BYOD discount.
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Hey mattjs, That's because their rate plans are considerably more expensive. Even with the $20...Well we can only compare what's available Ahmed, when Koodo releases promotional plans we can obviously re-evaluate. Bell/Virgin/Fido/Rogers might all have additional promo plans out as well by then. The main point is that the difference between Koodo and everyone else has essentially vanished. At best you save a few bucks. Cheaper isn't always better though. You might save a buck or two but you loose access to additional features like visual voicemail, the ability to preorder phones, international roaming packages (non US), Carrier billing for applications, etc., etc.
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Adding to what Ahmad said, keep in mind that Telus's $35 SIM-only Unlimited nationwide Talk + Text plan requires a 250 MB shareable data add-on for $15 (on the first line) with their ShareReady plans, so that comes out to $50. Still a pretty good deal for someone who wants cheap Unlimited nationwide talk and a bit of data to play with but Koodo's $60 + 10% discount is unbeatable in market. Virgin and Fido's identical plans are both $65 + 10% off so Koodo actually did something well here by going with the "Tab charge" on medium subsidies instead of just taking a paint brush increase to all plans.
With medium Tab, the customers would have to contribute 5 extra dollars to their tab, so the plans would instead be 45, 55, 65 and 80 for a 300 dollar subsidy. These plans are exactly equivalent to Fido's and Virgin's offering for the same amount of subsidy (though Virgin would require you to sign a two-year contract, and Fido would have some cancellation fee). As Jonathan said, Koodo plans are the cheapest if you have your own phone, since the 10 percent discount would be applied to the 'original' prices of the plans, which are 40, 50, 60 and 75 (36, 45, 54 and 67.5 after discount vs. 40.5, 49.5 and 58.5 for plans of the same features from Virgin and Fido). Not sure how Telus and Bell's offerings are like though, but I'm assuming that it should be similar with Rogers, which, surprisingly, has a competitive back-to-school promo for their 2 GB smartphone plan. If you're a student and you bring your own phone, you can get unlimited nation-wide talk + 2 GB of data for 65 dollars from Rogers (month-to-month), but with Koodo, you can just sign up for the 54 dollar plan for unlimited talk and 1 GB, with an overage of 10 for an extra GB, so if you need 2 GB of data, you would end up paying 64 dollars per month with Koodo (vs. 65 with Rogers), still a little cheaper. So even after offering 20 dollar discount, and doubling the data, Koodo plans (with the same amount of minutes and data) still ends up cheaper.