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improve bad self serve web site

too bad the marketing guru's and sales types of Koodo don't try their own bad website. 
Or maybe it;s you can't see the trees because of the forest. They went from a bad web site to a totally useless site. Go figure.

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Can you describe what you weren't able to do? Your comment isn't exactly constructively worded. Would make improving the site easier if they have your insight into why it doesn't work.
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Hello tom.

Can we help you with something?
While I wouldn't have worded it quite like that, I agree. Koodo basis its business plan on "Self Serve" and can't compete when it comes to personalized services via the phone etc with the major carriers. When Self Serve services are removed, or diminished Koodo is diminished. There is too much dependence on "The Community", no communication from Koodo as to what is being changed, when or even if particular Self Serve options will return and, the option to call "and not be charged” for things you can no longer do on Self Serve assumes people have unlimited time and patience to deal with the labyrinth that is "phone help". At the very least Koodo should post exactly how to access the phone help for the particular missing “Self Serve option” in a timely manner. I have moved part of my cell service away from Koodo after 6 + years and if things don't sort out re:Self Serve soon I am likely to move the rest of it. Having said that what should be more important to Koodo is the fact I, and I'm sure numerous other formally loyal customers (and formerly vocal about why to friends and associates), are no longer recommending Koodo.