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Im lost without my phone. :(

Ive lost my phone. (Yes, I already have suspended service, etc.) My sister has offered me her unlocked iPhone 5 to use for now. Can I do that? Do I just take it to a Koodo store and get monthly plan chip to put my existing account on it? (I think she was with Telus, but since its unlocked I have no idea if that matters)

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Yes you can. You just need to buy a nano sim from Koodo and transfer your number over to the new sim
Okay, thank you. 🙂 (Im so not technology-savvy, I've written down the term "nano sim")
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Nano is just the size of the sim. Show them the iphone 5 and they will know which one to get for you. I'm not sure if they will set it up for you at the kiosk. If not all you r have to do is go to Self Serve>Phone and new phone and enter the new sim. After activating it may require a reboot. You may also need to call in to unsuspend the account
Thats great! Thank you for your help. 🙂