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if i have some money off on my tab can i transfer that over to include the medium tab

i have 43 off on my tab and it happened before there were 3 levels of the tab if i want a new phone can i go medium and get that amount off plus the 43? thx

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Is that 43 owed still or is it in the positive amount? Based on what you said, it seems like the positive. so Yes, you can use a medium tab plus the 43
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Hi Jake, even if your Tab is negative $43, you can still go for the Tab M! It would offer you a $257$ credit toward a new phone if your Tab is negative, or $343 if it's positive. Be advised though that your plan should cost a minimum of $30 a month and there will be an additional $5 monthly fee. Enjoy your new phone! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.