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If I have an existing plan with koodo do I have to change it if I buy a new phone?

I want to upgrade my phone and know I will have to get a new tab (no issues with doing that) but I noticed that Id have to upgrade my plan with that too.  Not understanding why I cant keep my existing $50-ish plan plus new tab.  Why do I have to change to a new plan starting at $74 plus new tab?  I never felt like Koodo had their hand in my pocket until today.

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So you could actually get any phone with a tab M and keep you plan. 
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You can keep your plan when you upgrade your phone.

If you want to use The Tab, then their is some restriction.
If you want to use Tab M ($360) : Your plan have to be over $40
If you want to use Tab L ($504) : You have t pick one of Tab L plan which start from $74
If your plan is under $39, then you can still use Tab S ($240). You just need to pay more upfront.