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If I get a new phone can I still keep my five essentials?

I would like to get a new phone but when I look at the plans and add-ons I don't see where I can get my five essentials numbers that I would like to keep on there. Can I still purchase the five essentials with a monthly plan or is it included at all?

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Yup, that doesn't change.
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You can keep your plan depending on how much you want to put on the tab and what plan you have now. If you use the small tab of $150 towards the phone you buy then you can keep your present plan. If you use the medium Tab of $300 towards the price of the phone you need to have or get a plan of $30 or more. So if you want to use this tab size and your preset plan is $30 or more then you don't need to change anything. if you want to use the large tab of $500 off the price of a phone then you do need to change to a tab large plan.