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If i change to a promotional plan, am I garanteed this plan will not change (ie a 25$ plan will not become 30$)

Switching from an old 25$ plan to a new promotional 25$ plan, will this plan have a fix 25$ rate or is this rate subject to change?

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Koodo is not Bell. Therefore, once you sing up for a 25$ plan it won't go up to 30$!
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The plan on it's own will not change based on current market conditions.  Any extra add-ons you plan to get later or the way the tab style works may or may not change (this may impact you in the future if you were planning an add-on a few years later, etc).

This has been what Koodo has historically done.

However, there is nothing really preventing them from dis-incentivizing you from keeping your plan or even forcing a plan change after XYZ.  It's just that Koodo has not shown to do this in the past, unlike some of their competitors.