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I will be going on vacation in 1 month to Peru. Will I be able to get basic phone service?

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Hi Nathan,

According to Koodo's international roaming page, yes you should be able to get full service while in Peru. However, You will need to ensure you have the international roaming add-on applied to your account (0$) for it to work. Make sure you take a look at the rates while you are away:

Minutes: 2.50$ per minute
Texts: 0.60$ per outgoing text (incoming texts are free)
Data: 10$ prt megabyte.

You may also want to take a look at the roaming add-ons Koodo offers on their add-on page under they International Roaming section. If you plan on sending outgoing texts or using minutes or data, the add-ons are a lot cheaper, just make sure you add them to your account through self serve BEFORE you arrive in Peru.

Have a great trip!
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Hello there.

Also, you could unlock your phone for 35$ and use a prepaid card once you arrive there (click here for more info). 

Have a nice trip!