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i went to USA and registered 3 days adds on. But you charged phone bills and 3G cost too.

 I went to USA in April and I registered 3 days add on(text, call, 150MB).
But you charged toll free number calls and 3G even i used my phone in McDonal.
Can you check my bill and let me know why I pay the extra cost? Thank you

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Are you sure you added the right add on? Did you go over your limits for the 3 days? Were you actually connected to wifi at McDonalds or did you have something like wifi assist that may have put you on data instead. Login to self serve, click view my bill and then download this month's ebill. Check out page 3 for all the charges and if you dont understand one take a screenshot, leaving out any personal data, and we can explain it to you.
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Toll free calls still consume airtime.
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Hey Sunan! Usage made on April 18th were not covered by your add on, as it had expired.  Hope this clarifies things! - Melissa