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I want to tether my laptop and will use 20GB monthly. What plan doesn't break the bank?

I live in on a farm, and there is no DSL. No Cable. No Microwave. The only option is data via CELL network. I work in the I.T. field and do a lot of remote support, with data uploading and downloading daily. I am currently with Rogers(Blech!) but would rather single-source my telecom, and also take advantage of Koodo's superior speed here. Is there a better plan??

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A 20GB plan???????? No, I suggest you look at one of the tablet plans that Rogers (yes I know you said blech!), Bell or Telus offers. On Koodo 20GB would cost you close to $400 per month on their highest plan + overage.
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Check out Telus. They own Koodo and they are on the same network And please, buy a microwave. I promise it will change your life.
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The most data in a plan Koodo has to offer is 2 GB for $70.00/month, with $5.00 for every 250 MB that you go over. Definitely check out Sophia's or Dennis' ideas for something that you're looking for.
Matthew wrote:

The most data in a plan Koodo has to offer is 2 GB for $70.00/month, with $5.00 for every 250 MB ...

Actually the most is 5 gb and it's $94/month with overage at $5 per 250MB
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Better off going the satellite route. I did it for 5 years before local cable service became available. You will still need cell phone for voice. VoIP on satellite does not work well. Too much latency. They may try to sell you on a phone plan, but I don't recommend it. $35 per month for 20 GB currently. http://www.xplornet.com/ ================ If you see a reply you like, please give it a star.