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I want a new phone without changing my plan, what about my addons?

  • 27 November 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi there, 
  I’d like to upgrade my phone, but i have a 4 gig add on.  This wasn’t the one from the text but from retentions where it said i’d lose it if i upgrade/change my plan.  I had a 3 gig promo like that and that DID drop off.  
  I’m wondering if i did a hardware upgrade, will it affect my addons?  I am getting conflicting info. 

  For example, if you don’t change your plan it doesn’t impact it.  or if you you will lose all of your add-ons because they create a new plan (yes i heard this from a koodo CSR).  


2 replies

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If you change your plan then you'll lose the add-on. If you keep the plan, you'll keep the add-on.

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Tab purchases are not considered a plan change so long as you don't actually change your plan in addition to the phone tab purchase. You may be able to get the add-on or similar put back ok but YMMV.