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I want a cheaper phone plan but all I'm offered is the Large Tab plans?

Why can't I start using a $30 plan?

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You can. You just have to pay off your outstanding tab. I'm thinking you bough a phone and you took a TAB of $500 which meant you would only be able to choose from selected plans. If you paid more up front for the phone you would have access to a greater selection of plans. You still can but as I said you'd have to pay off your current TAB. You can do that online on koodo's site.
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Chris has it exactly right. With Koodo you have to choose how you want to do things. If you want a high end phone for a low up front cost, you choose Tab Large. This also means your going to have a higher monthly bill, because your getting $500 off of a phone. If you want a lower monthly plan, you would have to pick Tab Small or Medium, which means youll get a great monthly rate plan, but in turn, you have to pay more up front for the phone. And one thing to keep in mind is that with the $30 plan you mentioned, you must be on Tab Small, as that plan isn't available on any other tab levels.