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I received notification that I'd used up my data limit on my account when I'd not used any data

I'm on a Canada -wide 600 minutes package. I spent the last 90 minutes on the phone trying to find out (a) why I received notification that I'd used up my data limit on my account when I'd not used any data access all month because I couldn't access it. Then (b) came into play - my data access had been blocked, which was why I couldn't access it. The Koodo person at 611 discovered that it had been blocked and unblocked it, but was totally incapable of explaining to me why I'd received the notifications OR why my data service was blocked. Inter alia he suggested we do some trouble shooting with my phone instrument. I had to shut the phone off, remove the SIM card and the battery, and then replace them and restart. He'd call me back. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to remove the battery. I went online to find the instructions in the user's manual - it was silent on the matter. When the man phoned back, I told him my problem re the battery. oh, he said, your battery is sealed in, you can't remove it. So WHY did he tell me.... SO next thing is, after him persisting in failing to give me a satisfactory answer to my question - he attempted to tell me that I didn't have a data plan included in my plan - I pointed out that yes, I did - an expensive one, but it was there $5/50mg - implicit in that is then the question WHY was my data access blocked. He transferred me to tech support to see if the problem lay with my phone. The man at tech support somehow understood that my problem was that I couldn't access the internet. He did not receive the correct briefing from the previous person. I explained my problem. He said oh it was blocked for my protection. Excuse ME??? His next explanation was that sometimes the system fails and that's what tech support is there for. System failed? How come these people can say something like this and think it is an acceptable explanation? Clearly I'm not going to get an honest or straight answer from Koodo and instead and increasingly expensive and deteriorating service. Ye gods. Unfortunately their competitors aren't much better, if at all. It is time to open up the mobile telephone market in Canada to REAL competition so that we can get real service at less eploitative prices. How can it be that one can buy a SIM card in Tanzania for about $7? How can it be that cellphone charges in Africa can be that much lower than in Canada? I don't recall having any worse service there.

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Wow, that's one long story I have to read it again to try to understand , but it may sound like the settings on your phones for data may have been turne on and off. Now, the $7 SIM card in Tanzania is outrageously expensive considering the average salary in that country is $50 a month. It's like you paying $150 for same card in Canada. But in reality you are only paying $10-$20 or nothing if you buy the phone.
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Oof Delphine, that was a wall of text, please try some paragraphs next time. However, I managed to read your whole story. First off, most phones have a removable battery, some don't... and it is common to recommend to remove the battery and SIM card if a person has troubles. It's true they should have said "IF POSSIBLE" but that is a minor mistake... still I understand your frustration. As for a data block, to the best of my knowledge Koodo does not initiate a data block ever, after all, that is basically lost revenue for them. Whether it somehow crept in, or you requested it at one point, or a Rep misunderstood that you requested it, is anybody's guess by now. In fact from your story it almost sounds as if the data block was put into place AFTER you used so much, as a protection for yourself... as the Rep explained to you. Systems fail, they do in Canada and they do in Tanzania as well. Sim cards cost $7 there, $10 here and you can often find them cheaper on eBay etc. Tanzania is an entirely different country and comparing the two is apples and oranges anyway. I agree with you re REAL competition, there is none. Wind and others are non existent where I live so I'm stuck with the major carriers. Still, that is a different topic and has nothing to do with your problem at hand. If you need help from this Community, feel free to ask, but please try to gather your thoughts into coherent sentences and paragraphs... I only read through your wall of text because I genuinely care about how you felt 🙂
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Sophia wrote:

Oof Delphine, that was a wall of text, please try some paragraphs next time. However, I manage...

Koodo blocks data automatically when customers reach $50 in data overage charges ($100 when roaming). They are required to do so under the new crtc regulations.