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I paid the 30 days voice, data and texting package and was unable to make a call during my trip

I went on a cruise and tried to connect my family to make sure they were okay and get news on the passing of our brother in law which is the only reason I purchased the package.  I got a text in each port of call but was no able to make a phone call home.

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Sometimes it is necessary to manually add the free “International Voice Roaming" and / or the free “International Data Roaming” add on, both available in the Self-serve section of the website. Then turn airplane mode on and off. When your phone connects it should be working.
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Hello Pat.

Are you still currently travelling or you are back?

If you're back, you can se with Koodo to receive a refund.
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Koodo doesn't guarantee service while roaming. why? Because koodo has zero control over the foreign networks you may be travelling through. You're welcome to call and you may even get a refund but still there's no way Koodo can control this.