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i paid my phone bill,but no calls or texts will come in or out, how do i fix this?

my phone was working fine yesterday, i went to send a text today and it failed, so i tried texting a few other contacts, all failed. my boyfriend tried texting me and it didnt go through, and calls wont even connect, when someone tries to call me, it goes straight to voice mail.

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What phone? Prepaid or postpaid? What exactly happens when you try to send a text? What exactly happens when you try to call out? Did your phone actually get suspended before you paid your bill? Does the phone say no service? Unregistered sim? Emergency calls only? Based on what you have told us so far, the only thing we can diagnose is that your phone isn't working.
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Could just be a network hiccup. If you're still getting signal bars and your phone doesn't say emergency calls only then I think you're still okay. Have you tried removing your SIM card and battery (if applicable) for about a minute and trying again?
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Try removing the battery and sim card for about 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Is your account in good standing?did you call koodo to see if you were suspended?
cannot call ou t on my phone need answers as i cannot call , help koodo
My phone is doing that now too. I did what they said and it worked.
My phone says no service. Payed bill on the 24th . I dont know what it is ive took service xard out and battery but still doesnt work and before all this happen my phone made a weird static soundand wouldnt stop till i locked my phone. I have metro LG
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Young Ney wrote:

My phone says no service. Payed bill on the 24th . I dont know what it is ive took service xard ...

"...weird static sound" ... That's not good sign. You should bring your phone to local repair shop to see if it's fixable or try contacting to the phone manufacturer. I don't think Koodo can send it repair since you didn't buy it from Koodo.