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I own my phone. If I change my plan will I loose my 10% bring your own device discount?

I purchased my S3 a year an a half ago without a tab. I'm curious about the new plans (45$ expiring May 31st). If I change to the new 45$ plan will I loose the Bring Your Own Device discount that I currently receive? Thank you.

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Yes, because the new plans have the BYOD discount built in. What they do now is charge any Tab separately from the plan.
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Hey Graham, as Jonathan mentioned, the No Tab discount (-10%) is no longer offered. Have a great weekend!
I changed the plan and lost the 10% discount. Thats okay. Double the data I did have for 6$. The agent on the phone said there would be no cost for me to change the plan because the online system didn't show me the option.
The discount is not available anymore for anyone, I know it's very disappointing.