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I need your honest advice please

I recently added the unlimited tex and talk US+ Canada plan but haven't used my phone yet. I added this plan because I was traveling to US. I'm wondering if this plan is good only in Canada or works the same with no extra charge from the US? I need help with this please. Regards Tim N

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I have never heard of this US+ plan Tim. All plans are only good in Canada. If you are going to go to the US and are wanting to get a plan that'll work in the US from koodo, you should take a look at these http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/travelling Another option is you could get your phone unlocked via Koodo($35) or a 3rd party service and get a prepaid sim in the US from Roam mobility, t-mobile, etc. Hopefully that helped. 🙂
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"US Roaming unlimited text and minutes" add-on is good if you are in US and want/need to use your phone for txt &talk a lot. U.S. Roaming rate is $1.50/min and $5/100text without add-on. So it will be $30 if you make/receive phone call for 20 min plus $5 for even a few text. I would use this add on if I know I will use talk minutes in US.