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I'm ticked off

I just upgraded my plain Jane phone that served me well, for a few years to an Samsung Ace II galaxy. Yesterday, right after they put the SIM card in, and getting familiar with the phone, I clicked on Samsung apps, and it did an update, another box popped up asking for my Samsung account and passwords, which I closed, then happened to check my data usage, to turn it off and I was advised I just used 38mgs of data! Its almost like Koodo 'banks' on getting at least $10 more a month from new users right off the bat. Thinking of leaving Koodo and going to Wind, unless they remove that unfair usage fee. Anybody had a similar experience?

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You can call Koodo to dispute any charges you don't agree with. Since you were connected to mobile data, any data usage that happens on your phone, you are responsible for. And if you think Wind is better, I recommend doing some research first. Many Koodo customers have left for Wind, only to come back 3 months later because Wind's service was worse than Koodo's. I honestly don't understand this threatening if you don't get your way. Instead of being raging mad, why don't you remain calm, call Koodo and discuss it? Getting angry isn't going to get you anywhere and may actually affect how an agent makes a decision.
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You can call Koodo to dispute any charges you don't agree with. Since you were connected to mo...

Thanks for your reply, yes since posting this I did do research, and educating yourself about various providers and plans is the way to go. It's 6 of one, half dozen of the other, some offer better data plans, but no voicemail. I guess I was just shocked when I realized that after 20 minutes owning the phone, I already had a 36mg data charge, eye opener, data is off for sure now.
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Can't say I've had that experience and there are options. Instead of using mobile data you could have used Wi-Fi, this way you will never incur data charges. Just remember to turn mobile data off.