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I'm on talk and text 100. Do you get the double minutes now?

I probably know the answer but I hooked up with the 30.00 talk and text 100 plan back in September. Now you get double the minutes. Does anyone who has this plan get double minutes now? Probably not, I'm guessing only new subscribers. What if I switched to the 40.00 Canada wide plan now? Would I get todays offering. For 10.00 more I could have 400 minutes and 400mb of data per month. Thanks

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Hello Todd. Indeed, you can get the double minute on the Talk & Text plan 30, you just have to switch your plan via self-serve and job done! You will have 200 minutes instead of 100! So it's not only for new subscriptions. And if you decide to switch to a data-plan, you can get the double promo too!
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It is available for existing customers as well. You need to change your plan Manually although. Sing in to self serve go to Plans and Add-ons and click on Change your plan. Easy as that! Yay
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All plans for everybody. Log into your self serve > Plans and Add-ons > Change your Plan > Pick "Talk and text 200" or anything you want 🙂
That is awesome!!! Thanks for the responses. I have to say that I've been really happy with Koodo.
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Hard to not be happy when you get 3 responses in less than 10 minutes! 😛 Have a nice day.
Ya, you guys are always nice and fast!!! Thanks again and have a great weekend Koodo Masters!