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I’m an existing customer, why can’t I get the black friday deals that are on promotion? they are more money than my current plan but have more data.

  • 22 November 2020
  • 4 replies

There are promotions on plans right now but when I sign in and try to change my plan, they disappear. I’m on a tab and need to spend a minimum of $45 a month on a plan, and the plan I want is more expensive than the one I have now so I don’t see the issue.

4 replies

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Are you sure you're looking at the right province before you sign in? Some regions have better pricing than others. When you log in, it'll default back to your home province.

They're could be a system issue but check region first. 

Thanks for your input. Yes I do have the correct region selected

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Are you trying to upgrade your phone?  Bunus 2GB is for new activation or phone upgrade.

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I'm seeing that too. I am unable to go to a plan on sale. These seem to be for only new Koodo people. Again current customers get screwed over.