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I just bought a Koodo Alcatel phone to replace the Samsung that broke. How do I stop the data charge?

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Once the phone is on, drag down from the top and tap the little person on the upper right side.

Then tap data tile off

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To be safe, you should boot your phone without the sim card first, turn off Data, and then insert sim card after, just in case they have any background sync data
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There is another option, but it would exclude you from sending or receiving picture messages - you could install a data block on your plan. You also need to make sure that your apps are set to update offer wifi only (just in case your data is turned on again accidentally - sometimes people turn it on to receive picture messages and then all of your apps update at this time - causing you to get a data charge on your account). To set up your apps to update over wifi only your would go to settings in play store, and change it in there.