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I have the international data roaming add on activated- does this mean I don't pay any extra for US data?

US roaming

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Hi Joe,

No it does not. It just means you are able to connect to international data networks and use them if you ever cross into the United States.
Ahhh, gotchya, so here's my real question.... It would appear as though my future is to spend about half of every month in the US, meaning I'll use close to 400 minutes, 100 texts and 500Mb of data in the US every month, probably close to the same in Canada, what's my best plan? I'm happy to skype on wifi for the most part and I can minimize my texts and data off wifi, but is there any kind of add-on that will make my US trips less stressful?
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Hi Joe!

We do offer US Roaming add-ons. Here is the link with all the info you need: http://koo.do/trvllng

The plan you use in Canada is your regular plan.

You can then add a US Roaming add-on, like the one at $45/month that offers unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for 30 days and use Wi-fi for your data, as you mentioned.

Hope that helps 🙂