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I have a samsung phone its a used phone and i was just wondering how your upgrades work?

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You can upgrade at anytime. Your current tab can be billed through SS or by calling in customer service. If you wish to pay your tab right away you can pay over the counter using credit card otherwise it would get applied to your next monthly bill. At which point, you can redeem the tab again using the small medium or large tab depending how much of it you'd like to use. Keep in mind if you're going on the large tab $301-$500 off the phone you'd have to choose from the large tab plsn that start at $65 at 500MB with $10 tab charge. Also, if you wish to go with the medium tab (up to $300 off the retail price of the phone) a $5 tab charge would apply.
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You can upgrade at anytime. Your current tab can be billed through SS or by calling in customer s...

okay thanks very much 🙂
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Do you mean that you want to use the used Samsung phone you have now or that you want to get a new phone from Koodo? If you want to use a phone you got from someone then just make sure it's a koodo phone or if it's not then make sure it's unlocked to work on other providers than the one it was originally purchased from and that it compatible with koodo frequencies HSPA 850 /1900 MHz Then just pop in your old SIM Card or if it's not the right size or you don't have a SIM Card already then youll have to buy one and activate it. If you mean you have an old phone and you want a new one you can upgrade using different levels of the tab that take some off the upfront price off the phone cost that us paid back each month by koodo or you and koodo depending on the tab size. Your best bet is to go to your local Koodo kiosk and ask them what your options are and they will be more than happy to get you on the right plan and tab size for your needs.
i'm not sure if i have a tab or not
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You check on koodo mobile self serve. Click on Koodo tab and that will tell you if you have a negative tab balance. If you do you can bill out for it and use the tab again. On the other hand if its 0 or in the positive that's more $$$ towards a phone.