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I am going to US for a week What kind of plan would be good for me with Koodo,so I can talk with my family in Canada?

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I guess it's depends on how much talk minutes (and text) do you need for a week trip. Koodo offers 40 minutes of talk plan for $15, 400 incoming/outgoing texts for $15 and/or US roaming bundle - 40 min,400 txt and 40MB - for $35. If you need more minutes or you go to US a lot, you can unlock your phone and get a local sim .
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Hi Margo, Mayumi is right! You can find our US Roaming add-ons and how to subscribe on this link: http://koo.do/12GKZkG! Enjoy your trip 🙂 ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.