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i am a canadian truck driver that travels in usa everyday..and ontario canada,what can i do for a cheap plan,

  • 31 October 2016
  • 4 replies

i am a canadian truck driver that travels in usa everyday..as well as Ontario Canada,

4 replies

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Hi Ron,

I'm a fellow OTR sitting in Rochester NY

Message me and I'll give you the lowdown about another alternative.

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How much use do you need for a phone in the USA? Calls, data, texts, how many days? How much use in US vs Canada?

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Hello Ron. There's no cheaper plan then what is available on Koodo's site. Koodo can't give you special discounts. But I know someone in your situation who'll be happy to help you. gI'll et him to look into the thread
Your cheapest option is to buy the Roam Mobility sim card and a plan to the US. Text & Data plans start from $2.95 per day. https://www.roammobility.com/plans I have used the talk text and data plan ($4.95/day) multiple times and have no complaints with it. This is not done through Koodo.